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    Immigration Psychological Evaluations

    Are you seeking an immigration evaluation? Has your attorney suggested an immigration psychological evaluation to support your immigration case? A psychological evaluation has high value and impact! Often, a mental health evaluation is the only evidence that an immigrant has, and frequently, can be a deal-breaker in an immigrant’s case. It is often THE deciding factor of whether someone can escape life-threatening circumstances or whether a family can stay together.

    I am proficient in providing psychological evaluations in a manner that is respectful, supportive, and understanding. I specialize in the objective assessment of trauma-related symptoms and the impact on your daily, psychological, occupational, and interpersonal functioning. Each person and case is unique, and I approach the evaluation process from an individual perspective! I strive to put you at ease and make an overwhelming process seem less stressful.

    Whether your case is designated as Political Asylum, Extreme Hardship, spousal abuse (VAWA), or T or U Visa, I would love to work with you! I have successfully completed advanced training at The Immigration Evaluation Training Center (with Georgia King, LCSW). I work with interpreters, if necessary, and will consult with your attorney to gather pertinent information about your case and any legal issues. I will meet with you on two occasions via an online HIPAA-compliant platform and ask you questions about yourself to obtain and showcase your full history. I will invite you to share your immigration concerns including personal, marital, and family history, in addition to your medical and psychiatric background. I may meet with other people who know you as well. A comprehensive objective report (10-12 pages) will be provided which includes a mental status examination. a diagnostic evaluation, and recommendations which support your case. Throughout the entire process, I will consult with your attorney and keep you advised of each step.

    The cost of a comprehensive immigration psychological evaluation is $1095 and your report will be available in 3-4 weeks. Should you need an expedited turnaround, your evaluation can be available in 2 weeks for an additional $300. Payment plans are available.

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